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Average Length of Cycles: From first day of your period to the first day of your next period. Ranges from: 22 to 44. Leave 28 if unsure.


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I really feel compelled to write to you to give an overview of our experience in the National Maternity Hospital. The staff of the labour ward were absolutely wonderful to us. As labour progressed, every detail was explained to us in a caring, empathic, yet professional way.  We were included on every decision and situation, whilst being updated with every development as it occurred.  Dr. David Rooney was there at each occasion promptly and again afforded us the utmost care. The staff of the labour ward and subsequently theatre and recovery made us feel like we were the only people in Ireland having a baby at that time, they empowered us with their knowledge and made us feel that everything was always under control, calm and safe. I feel the care and attention we received was second to none and the staff are an absolute credit and most wonderful asset to the hospital. It is clear to see that it is much more than just a job to these people and rather a vocation. Having our baby boy is the biggest, happiest most significant thing to ever happen in our lives and the staff and hospital were central to this wonderful experience. We are forever grateful and indebted to the hospital.

 Recently, I was sent into A&E for issues with my endometriosis. Firstly, can I say anyone I dealt with was amazing but my doctor was a young girl called Cliona.  She is truly a credit to NMH! The amount of care she gave was amazing. I arrived in pain and truly worried and left feeling more relieved about getting the help I need more so than ever. She made me feel so at ease and explained things with such care and detail. She gave me everything I needed and is referring me for the help I need. Honestly she’s such a lovely person which is why it was so necessary to email in! I hope she gets the recognition she deserves.

My last 2 antenatal visits have resulted in me being referred to A&E for high blood pressure. I just wanted to take a moment to praise all the staff in that department. It's a nerve wracking time and difficult getting bad news alone. While it was hard not having my partner with me the staff could not have been more supportive and kind. From the lady in the admissions office to the porters and midwives chatting to me while I waited. I've been so anxious about having my baby during lockdown but feel so much better since my last visit. I would like to make a special mention to the midwife treating me. Her name was Rachel and I can't compliment her enough. She has such a lovely caring attitude and even shared her jellies with me to encourage baby to move. I was anxious and a bit upset after an interaction with the consultant on the outpatient ward and she made me feel so much better about it.  I know people are quick to complain about hospitals at the minute you could not hope to meet a nicer bunch of people.  Just wanted to say thank you and keep it up.

I attended for my induction and I was so anxious and nervous, I had to leave my partner at the door with tears running down my face, I thought to myself it was all downhill from here , but from the moment I entered the reception guys and porters made me smile , admin made me at ease and from then on all I can do is thank everyone of your staff from midwives , nurses , doctors , dinner ladies , Alison the gem that brought my little boy into the world. I had the best experience during Covid and that’s because of the staff at Holles Street, I ended up back in casualty and the staff were the exact same there, nothing but praise for you all during these hard times, you are doing a great job. Thank you so much for making me so comfortable and at ease during these times