When is my baby due?

Average Length of Cycles: From first day of your period to the first day of your next period. Ranges from: 22 to 44. Leave 28 if unsure.


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I am writing to express my gratitude to the Domino midwives for their exceptional help and care before, but especially, during and after the birth of my child. They are all fantastic, but a special mention to Kate, who was amazing during the delivery and also during the hospital stay afterwards, when my son was in ICU/HDU. Also, Fiona, who was present when my son needed transfer to the ICU, was very supportive and compassionate during that difficult time. All the Domino midwives I came across were excellent. Their assistance with breastfeeding on discharge from Holles St was second-to-none, without which I would have struggled to continue with this.

Three of my scans in the fetal assessment unit have been conducted by a sonographer called Rebecca, I found her really warm, welcoming, patient centred and reassuring.  She has a lovely manner in dealing with patients, makes you feel at ease and is very easy to chat to while staying professional.   I found it such a pleasant experience to have such personal care in such a busy hospital. I really felt safe in her care & was delighted each time it was her who conducted my scans. i could not speak more highly of my experience under her care.

I was an inpatient in Unit 4 today for a relatively minor procedure.  As I have never had a general Anaesthetic can I say that “nervous” would have been an understatement! From the moment of my arrival at 6.45 am to my departure at 3pm I wish to say that each and every staff member I came into contact with was professional and caring and made me feel safe. The nurses who admitted me were so reassuring. The Anaesthetist, Andrew, who was my first point of contact, was the reason I didn’t run away! I was privileged to liaise with some students and that was a total pleasure.. I hope I entertained and enlightened them! Then in theatre the treatment I received from both Anaesthetists was second to none with staff fully briefed and aware of my fear and allowing for that. Post theatre I felt safe again and fully informed. Dr Fiona Martyn and team were amazing. As a result of my experience today I am a more confident patient and feel very cared for. My family and I thank you. I have been a patient of yours for 29 years and but this was my first general Anaesthetic. What a team. Thank you.