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I would just like to highlight the excellent care I received during my stay in the Merrion Wing in April. I was extremely anxious about my stay in hospital after the baby arrived due to the no visitors rule and the whole Covid situation. The midwives, in particular Fiona and Norah, made the whole thing so much easier and really went out of their way to give me help with breastfeeding, and gave up time that I'm sure they didn't have to chat to me and make me feel less alone. It made such a difference to me and I appreciated it hugely. Please pass on my gratitude. Separately, I was admitted last week with mastitis and was extremely unwell on arrival. I received such speedy treatment which made me feel better in a matter of hours. I spent a night in the Fitzwilliam ward and received excellent care here also.

I was a long stay patient in Unit 3. I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent care I received during a very stressful 2 months. Everybody from midwives and consultants to the cleaning and catering staff went above and beyond to keep myself and the other long stay patients relatively sane! From a very competitive Family Fortunes game to an introduction to Tik Tok, every effort was made to keep our spirits up while we were in lockdown. Our much longed for son, arrived home from Galway NICU 3 weeks ago and is doing great. I hope that the staff on Unit 3 know how much they are appreciated, especially during an extremely difficult period in hospitals. As my son's arrival and our subsequent departure was a bit sudden I didn't get the chance to say goodbye and express my gratitude properly

I am aware as a healthcare worker myself all too often great work can go unnoticed or complimented. Today I got a fright as I woke with blurry vision. I feel this was managed brilliantly and an amazing service for first time mothers. In the instance today the midwife was more concerned regarding my symptoms and asked me to come to hospital for assessment. I felt the midwife was very understanding, clear and prompt in her decision making. When I reached the hospital, staff were ready for my arrival, had my name and everything was ready to go. Each staff member was so personable, professional and kind. In these vulnerable positions it's very easy to feel like you are wasting the hospitals time but staff made me feel so well cared for and encouraged. I got an examination by 3 professionals and a number of different tests. I left the hospital feeling no stone was left unturned and that me and my baby were in very safe and caring hands. As a public service under strain at this time I just thought it was very important to acknowledge such hard work by the staff and such an amazing system. I was lucky nothing more serious was wrong but I feel very reassured that if there was it wouldn't have been missed and the timely response by all involved would have meant the best care possible. Thank you to each staff member I met today and I hope you know the difference your work makes.

I attended the Emergency Department recently with severe upper abdominal pain at 36 weeks pregnant and was admitted overnight. From ED through to unit 3, every single person I met was attentive, kind, friendly and gave great care. I left saying to my husband that it must be a lovely place to work, because the atmosphere among staff filtered down to their patients. I don’t have everyone’s name. But some of them I remember were: ED- Anitha (nurse), Tess (doctor), Niamh Meagher (ultrasound), Suzanne the radiologist, and in unit 3 Fiona and others I can’t remember including the lovely lady serving food! Many thanks for such a positive experience.