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Average Length of Cycles: From first day of your period to the first day of your next period. Ranges from: 22 to 44. Leave 28 if unsure.


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I just wanted to give some feedback from my reiki session with Mireia.  Overall I was very impressed with the organisation of the reiki session. There was very clear communication and I found it ran very smoothly. I was initially made aware of the service during an antenatal class by the physiotherapist.  I had no experience of reiki beforehand, and found the experience wonderful. It was so calming and I can definitely see the benefits. Overall I am finding pregnancy overwhelming at times with hormones and genuinely found the reiki session was a fantastic way to Centre my emotions and I felt empowered. I am really impressed by this initiative. Thank you again! Well done Holles street for this initiative.

I wanted to write to express my most sincere gratitude to the people who assisted me during my time at Holles St.I want to thank Caroline and Laura, the midwives who delivered my baby - they are an absolute credit to the hospital and were incredibly patient and supportive throughout. As a public patient it can be daunting to wonder what the midwives assigned to you will be like on the day, and I could not have been more lucky. Words cannot express how empowered and happy I felt with the entire birthing experience. They really listened to me, and acknowledged my fears and preferences and I felt completely respected which was hugely important to me. They were so relaxed and guided me through my nerves, it was lovely. I cannot thank them both enough! Secondly, I wanted to thank the midwife - Christine. She is quite simply incredible at her job - she was born to look after people. I could not have been more impressed at her level of care and her genuine compassion for women - I felt very vulnerable in the few hours and days after having had the baby and this lady supported me like I was one of her own. She genuinely went above and beyond for me, all the while running the ward like clockwork. Above all she was human and could have the craic a bit as well which for me is so important to make me feel back to normal again. I trusted her implicitly and feel so lucky to have ended up in that room - she was brilliant.Thank you Holles St. - as a public patient I am so grateful for the level of medical care and the respect given to all women and to be able to have both of my babies safely in your hospital

This is just to acknowledge the attention of care, support and advice that I received from my 4 days in Holles Street. Every member of staff I met in the Day Ward, theatre, recovery room and midwives in the Fitzwilliam Ward and the Merrion Wing were kind, caring and very supportive. As a very nervous patient this really made the experience doable for me.I would like to highlight Siobhan McGuiness (Anaesthetist). Siobhan was an angel during a very anxious time for me. She took the time to explain everything so nothing would shock me and supported me throughout the birth of my baby. She even called into me 2 days later in the ward to check in. Her warmth and support helped to no ends and I really appreciate her kindness towards me. Thanks  Denise