Research Ethics Committee



The Research Ethics Committee is a national committee and is approved to receive and approve application proposals nationally. Monthly meetings are held with the exception of August.  There is one quarter lay attendance and a quorum is required at each meeting.

Generally, the applications are approved at each meeting; if not approved the Chairman will request clarification on a particular issue.

The Research Ethics Committee (REC) of The National Maternity Hospital will consider all clinical trials and research projects which are proposed to take place in the hospital.  The Ethics Research Committee normally will hold twelve meetings per annum. Meetings are normally held on the first Monday of the month and all submissions must be received into the secretary two weeks prior to this in order to be reviewed by the committee at this meeting.

Applications for the next committee meeting must be received by Tuesday 28th May 2019 @ 4pm.  Please send 18 hard (paper) copies of your application, including any information leaflets & consent forms.

The documentation listed below must be completed and forwarded to the Research Ethics Committee before the application can be considered. Please ensure the consent form and patient information leaflet are understandable and easy to read for non-medical individuals.  It is always better for there  to be only one consent form for the study to avoid confusion.

Guidance Manual

Standard Application Form

Research Extract (part 3) from National HSE Consent Policy

NMH Adult Consent Form (this is a form for patients but can be adjusted for staff consent)

Please note secure email addresses should only be used for studies, hotmail accounts are not acceptable.

When the study has received ethical approval from the committee it should be noted that given the potential use of hospital resources / data, permission from the appropriate departments must also be sought within the hospital e.g. Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology before commencement of the study.

Applications and queries for the Research Ethics Committee can be sent to:

Lee-anne Phillips,
Medical Secretary,
Research Ethics Committee,
The National Maternity Hospital,
Holles Street,
Dublin 2.
DO2 YH21

Tel: (01) 637 3588