Antenatal Education & Preparation

Antenatal Education / Parent Craft Classes

The Antenatal Education (Parent Craft education) team in the hosptial play an essential role in promoting, helping and maintaining good health in pregnancy and beyond. We aim to help prepare women and their partners for labour and the changes (and challenges!) that their new baby will bring to their lives. We know that a positive birthing experience can positively affect a woman’s long term wellbeing and we aim to empower women and their partners to believe in themselves through a partnership approach. All courses are designed by a multidisciplinary team which include midwives, physiotherapists, lactation consultants and dieticians, and aim to meet your individual needs. Classes are relaxed, participative and interactive giving you an opportunity to explore issues that affect you.

We strive to provide a wide selection and variety of classes and new classes are constantly coming on stream in an effort to provide a quality service which meets your individual needs.

Class Location: 
65 Lower Mount Street (just adjacent to the main hospital entrance)
Classes take place on the second floor except for the early pregnancy class, which is held on the first floor

Unless otherwise stated, all classes are open to couples; womens only classes are also available.

All classes are free except for evening classes.

To book classes contact Nicola Jordan (01) 637 3499

Because demand is very high for classes you need to book early to get the widest choice!

Scroll down to choose a class that suits you.



Early Pregnancy Class

This focus of this class is on promoting wellness and maintaining good health in pregnancy and beyond; it is aimed at women up to twenty weeks gestation.

It runs every Wednesday afternoon from 13.30-15.00 and is usually held on the First Floor, 65 Lower Mount St.

It is normally facilitated by a Midwife, Pharmacist, Dietition and Physiotherapist. (This can be subject to change at short notice) 

No need to book.


Classes for First Time Parents

We offer sets of classes designed for first time parents. A complete set of classes will run over five weeks with class lasting approximately one hour or alternatively, classes will run over two full Monday mornings/Tuesday afternoons.

Classes run over consecutive weeks, except for bank holidays.

Unless otherwise stated, partners are welcome. 

Early booking is essential to obtain the class of your choice

Please note: Monday 15.15-16.30 and Thursday 15.15-16.30 are 'women only' classes.
A charge of 80 euro applies to evening classes  (Monday and Thursday 17.30-18.45)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
0830-12.30   11.00-12.15    
14.00-15.15 13.30-16.45 14.00-15.15 14.00-15.15 14.00-15.15

(women only)


(women only)


(80 euro)


(80 euro)


Five week schedule  

Young Mums and Dads

This is a class aimed at the younger mother (late teens to approximately 22 years of age).

It is a small, interactive class, facilitated by a midwife.

Partners and other  support people are welcome to attend.

Last approximately two-three hours. 

For further information:
Nicola Jordan: 
Eleanor Durkin:


Refresher Class (for women who have a child already)

This class is designed for women who have had a previous vaginal delivery and aims to help prepare for this pregnancy's labour and delivery.

It is facilitated by a midwife and physiotherapist.

When possible, it will conclude with a tour of delivery ward for those who wish.

Partners welcome.

This class is held once a month on a Friday.
Registration begins at 09.30hrs and the class takes place between 09.45 - 12.30hrs.

VBAC Class: preparing for vaginal delivery after previous caesarean section

This class is designed to support women who have had a previous caesarean section and are hoping for a vaginal delivery in this pregnancy. This is known as a VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Caesarean section.

The class aims to empower women to maximise their chances of a vaginal delivery.

It is facilitated by a midwife and physiotherapist.

Partners welcome.

It is held once a month on a Friday.

Registration begins at 09.30 and the class takes place between 09.45 - 12.30hrs.

Preparing for an Elective Caesarean Section

This class is designed for women where it has been decided that an elective caesarean section is the most likely delivery method.

It is facilitated by a midwife and physiotherapist and aims to prepare women for their Caesarean Section. 

It is held every six weeks on a Wednesday morning between 09.30-12.30hrs.

Partners are welcome.

Preparation for Breastfeeding Class

This class is facilitated by lactation consultants and will help start a positive breastfeeding journey. For  information is available on the Breastfeeding page.

It is held on the first Friday of every month at 12.45hrs and the third Tuesday of the month at 18.00hrs.

It lasts approx 1.5 hours and there is no need to book. It takes place in the Lecture Theatre on the First Floor of, 65 Lower Mount Street which is located adjacent to the main hospital.