About Us

The National Maternity Hospital on Dublin’s Holles Street was established in 1894 and celebrated its centenary in 1994. Employing approximately 820 people, it is the largest maternity hospital in the State as measured by annual deliveries and also one of Europe’s largest maternity hospitals. The hospital mainly provides obstetric, gynaecology and neonatal services. The original focus of the service was the poor people of the districts surrounding Holles Street, Dublin however continuous change and growth from humble beginnings means that today, one in every twelve Irish citizens began life behind it's walls. 

The National Maternity Hospital delivers over 9,000 babies a year. The hospital is recognised as a national referral centre for complicated pregnancies, premature babies and sick infants. Our gynaecology unit also treats over 9,000 patients annually.

The National Maternity Hospital has built up a reputation for undergraduate and postgraduate training and holds international courses on the Active Management of Labour each year. The hospital also trains midwives and runs an annual Higher Diploma course in Neonatal Studies in conjunction with the two other Dublin maternity hospitals and the College of Surgeons.

The National Maternity Hospital is part of the Ireland East Hospital Group (IEHG). Comprising 11 hospitals, IEHG is Ireland’s largest hospital group, with University College Dublin (UCD) as its academic partner.